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Henri Ries


64 Joer

Ingénieur industriel
Member vum Gemengerot

Heng is a retired industrial engineer. He is married to Marie-Thérèse Walentiny and father of two adult daughters. It is municipal Counselor and member of the Consultative Commission for Housing and the Cultural Commission of our municipality. To occupy his leisure time, Heng is passionate about theater. He is a director, author and actor. He is also a very active member of the mixed choir St. Cecilia, the 'Home and Garden association' and the Organization of associations of the village of Mensdorf. As part of his political commitment, he is convinced that a municipality has to be run like a business, but a business with a strong social, ecological and economic component. The focus of his political action lies on safety in our community and more specifically on issues relating to school safety and the dangers children have to face on their way to school.