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Claire Moulin-Clement


72 Joer

Pensionéiert Léierin

Claire is married to Robert Moulin. Together with their children Christophe and Caroline, they have been living in our municipality since 1982. Claire is a caring grandmother for three grandchildren who fill her with joy and happiness. As a retired teacher, she follows closely the development of education policies. Claire is a passionate singer and member of the committee of the choir of Mensdorf. She is also a member of the Committee of the 'Home and Garden association' and the secretary of Organization of associations of the village of Mensdorf. She is a member of the Consultative Commission on Integration and a Secretary of the ‘Welfare Organization of Parish of Widdenberg’. Living in a community and being an active member of that community is very important for Claire. During her spare time, she practices aqua gym and cross-country skiing and she attends concerts to listen to classical music as much as she can. She enjoys traveling to discover other countries, other cultures and their local customs and traditions, and other languages.