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Eise Wahlprogramm

A word from Patrick Lamhène, First Alderman 

Body EN: 

My dear fellow citizens,

As First Alderman and leader of the “DP Oppe Lëscht Betzder”, let me begin by saying how proud I am of the accomplishments of our team over the past six years and the results sheet that we have achieved so far. We had set ourselves ambitious goals and we have worked hard to reach. I am therefore all the more happy to present you our list for the upcoming elections, a list composed of dynamic, competent and committed candidates.

As it was the case six years ago, the “DP Oppe Lëscht Betzder” is an open list. This means that some of the candidates on our list are members of the Democratic Party and others do not have any party affiliation. We do care a lot about this particularity, because it shows that it is the people of our community that are in the center to our concerns and not the wellbeing of a political party. We do not want to stay trapped in political games and petty skirmish. We want to spend our time and energy on real projects that are entirely in the interest of our fellow citizens. It is this conviction that brings together the candidates on our list. We are motivated, skilled and experienced enough to do so. We have delivered over the past six years and we are eager to do so again over the next six years. We come from very different backgrounds. We are teachers, engineers or doctors. We are public officers, workers and employees of the financial sector, businessmen and entrepreneurs, men and women, young and old. Three of our candidates have been members of the municipal council over the past six years. Their knowledge and experience of public affairs, the functioning of the communal administration, the ongoing projects and the challenges our community is facing not only benefits all the candidates on our list, it also and foremost benefits all the residents of our community. Our objective is to guarantee a sustainable quality of life for all our fellow citizens. Having managed to keep sound communal finances over the past, we are today in a position to put all of our experience and know-how to work in the interest of our community and each one of its citizens.

To conclude, I would like to thank all those who have helped us make the last six years a success. First, I would like to thank our coalition partner 'déi Gréng' with whom we could work so effectively. I would also like to thank all the people in the municipal administration, public officers, employees and workers, who were there, every day, in the service of the population of our community. I would like to thank the very numerous people who got involved in our advisory committees and various associations, as well as the teachers and staff in our school and in the “Maison Relais”. Finally, I would like to thank all of you, all of our fellow citizens. Without you, without your support and trust, nothing of what we have achieved would have been possible.

I would be a happy man if, after October 8th , we could continue to build, together with you, the future of our community. To help us do this,  on October 8th , vote “DP Oppe Lëscht Betzder”, vote “list 4”.

Achievements and electoral program of the DP Oppe Lëscht Betzder '2017

As promised six years ago, hand in hand with our coalition-partner 'Déi Gréng', we invested our time and energy for a better quality of life for our fellow citizens. Important projects have been implemented during that period, but still a lot remains to be done. That is what we intend to do, with your help, over the six years to come.

Children and Youth

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Six years ago, we promised to commit ourselves fully to the young people and during that period we implemented many projects :

  • Expansion of the ‘Maison Relais’ and the school facilities for the school year 2017/2018.
  • Construction of a crib in the forest, 'Bëschcrèche'.
  • Improvement of school safety and revitalization of the "safety on the way to school" program.
  • Creation of an independent House of Youth, which will soon find its final home itself after the renovation of the "Kessleschhaus" (Iewescht Bowéngs).
  • Creation of one additional post for a supplementary educator at the ‘Maison Relais’ to improve the care of our children.
  • Development and rehabilitation of playgrounds throughout the municipality
  • Creation Beach volleyball court and open-air fitness facility
  • Support of the exemplary work of various associations, such as, for example, Dys-positive, 4Motion, Baby + School parents Janusz Korczak and others.

We want to continue on this path in the interests of our children and adolescents. Thus, we plan to further increase the school infrastructure of our municipality by replacing the containers that still today house part of the school by modern and functional buildings. We are committed to guarantee for all our children to have access to the ‘Maison Relais’. We plan to set up a play area and meeting place for children and their parents, a space tailored to the needs of small children, which might also be used for organizing birthday parties, for example. To help improve the creativity and skill of our children, we will continue to support the 'Maker Space' activities on the school campus in Roodt-sur-Syre. The reinforcement of the digitalization of school activities or the creation of a forest playground adapted to the needs of the older children are other examples of ideas which we are thinking about.

Housing and community development

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In the fields of housing and community development we worked tirelessly to carry out the following projects :

  • Realization of the project 'Bowéngsbierg’ after a dozen years have been lost while the project was stuck in a sterile status quo, a project which now hosts a grocery store, a meeting place, called ' Duerfstuff ', a postal point, a medical practice, a laboratory for blood tests, a physiotherapy practice and a number of apartments. The creation of a postal pack-up station is in the making and various other services will come soon.
  • Finalization of the negotiations with the management of the Cactus Group in order to open a supermarket 'Rothoicht in the near future.
  • Realization of the ‘Housing project for the Youth’ with the construction of 3 apartments in Mensdorf.
  • Signing of a cooperation agreement with the Social Real Estate Agency (“Agence Immobilière Sociale”).
  • Planning and, very soon, construction of a modern fire station for the fire brigade of Mensdorf.
  • Obtaining level 2 certification of the Climate Alliance objectives and recruitment of a climate adviser for the municipality and for each of our fellow citizens individually.

To keep moving in this direction and to keep on improving the quality of life of our constituents, our focus will be set on controlled growth of our community. We want to contribute even more to the creation of accessible housing for all, not only by continuing to acquire housing, but also by actively supporting the work of the Social Real Estate Agency. We fully subscribe to the idea of ​​facilitating the leasing of vacant housing, but we also very clearly oppose the use of repressive or arbitrary measures in this context.

In the field of digitalization of our community, we intend to keep on pressuring the different stakeholders and decision makers in order to kook up the entire territory of our municipality to the fiberglass network. We also want to guarantee free access to the Wifi network in all the public buildings of our municipality.

We will act in order to expand the supply and availability of the recycling center 'Muertendall.

Finally, we will maintain the classification of the industrial zone Rothoicht II. We believe that it is important, for our municipality; to be able to use this land, as well as other land owned by the municipality, if the times come and the needs are there. We make this choice because we believe it is a reasonable one and because prudence dictates that we take all necessary measures to be able to maintain a sane financial situation at all times. We are convinced that this is also in the best interest of all of our citizens.

Mobility and environment

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We have implemented a great number of projects that affect the daily life of all the inhabitants of our municipality:

  • Construction and maintenance of many roads and sidewalks, such as, for example, the major project between Mensdorf and Roodt-Syre which will begin this fall.
  • Amelioration of soft mobility program with, for example, the construction of a pedestrian path between Olingen and Roodt-sur-Syre or the installation of the 'M-Box' for bikes at the Roodt-sur-Syre railway station.
  • Launch of an ‘accompanying and supervising system’ in all school transport and organization of a fourth bus on a fourth route for said transport.
  • Support of public transport by subsidization of the M-Pass and reimbursement in full of senior bus cards for our senior citizens.
  • Introduction of a call-bus system that facilitates the movement of our residents between the villages of our municipality as well as to Niederanven and of a shuttle-bus to facilitate the access of our constituents to public transport.
  • Establishment of a 'Rent-a-bike' service.
  • Improvement of the offer provided by the 'Nightlifebus'


Just as we did during the past 6 years, we are determined to continue to improve the mobility of our fellow citizens.

The road infrastructure must suit the needs of all users, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, motorists or farmers moving tractors and other agricultural vehicles. We want to build new bike paths, especially between the Betzdorf Railway station and the Audiovisual Zone.

We want to put in place measures to slow down traffic in residential areas including the National 1.

Our main objective is to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable road users. We will therefore further improve the lighting and visibility of all pedestrian crossings. The "safety on the way to school" program will be supplemented and improved continuously over the coming years, in order to avoid that, after an initial phase of enthusiasm, it falls into oblivion, as has been the case in the past. Wherever possible, we want to develop footpaths and bike paths without crossings.

When installing new shelters at bus stops, we will ensure that they offer an optimal protection against wind and rain.

We will adapt the supply of parking spaces for bicycles near train stations, the school and public buildings to the needs of the users.

We will do the same when it comes to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Finally, for our youth and for those of our citizens who want to enjoy a night out without having to worry about a safe return, we will make sure that the services of 'Nightlifebus' will be further improved.

As in the past, we will involve all interested citizens in the development and planning of our municipality's mobility plan by organizing public meetings for all our important projects.

We are also committed to continuing to launch new projects to move our municipality forward in the direction of greater energy autonomy. The licenses required for the installation of large photovoltaic installations have recently been granted by the competent authorities. The municipal administration intends to implement a number of these projects in a near future, but we also want give the inhabitants of our municipality the opportunity to participate in some of these projects, possibly through cooperatives. In addition to these projects, we are currently studying a number of alternatives in the field of renewable energies. We are determined to give our support to any truly viable project based on the principles of a sustainable development.

Third Age

Body EN: 

Here are some projects we implemented specifically in the interest our senior citizens :

  • Transformation of the 'Kessleschhaus' (Iewescht Bowéngs) in Roodt-sur-Syre to accomodate the members of the senior citizens organization 'Widdebierg 50+'.
  • Increase of the offer of leisure activities for senior citizens in collaboration with the organization 'Syrdallheem' and, recently, also with the senior citizen club ‘Loupescht' of Junglinster.
  • Integration of apartments adapted to the needs of our senior citizen in the real estate project 'Bowéngsbierg' in Roodt-sur-Syre.


As we have done in the past, we will continue our commitment to our senior citizens to ensure that their needs will be met in the best possible way and that they will be able to continue to live in our community. For this, we will continuously improve the offer related to mobility, and we will also keep on supporting the associations active in this sector. If the opportunity arises, we will not hesitate to acquire housing adapted to the needs of senior citizen in our community, just as we are still holding on to the idea of the creation of an infrastructure that would offer the possibility of assisted housing in our municipality.  

Associative life, culture, integration and citizen participation

Body EN: 

We have carried out a series of projects aimed at improving the quality of life in our community and the cultural offer in our municipality:

  • Enlargement of the Syrkus cultural center
  • Acquisition mobile stands for the cultural center
  • Renovation of the barn at the old mill in Olingen (‘Aal Millen’)
  • Planing of complementary infrastructures in order to expand and further improve the offer for the different organizations in Mensdorf within the framework of the 'Ënnescht Wiertz’ (Manneshaus) project
  • Organization of language classes for our foreign citizens
  • Simultaneous translation at all major events organized by the municipal administration. 

We will continue all these efforts. We will make information about the events organized by the municipal administration and the associations in our villages more accessible by installing electronic information boards on the main roads.

The old barn in Betzdorf (‘Aal Scheier’) will be renovated and its infrastructure improved for the benefit of the various organization as well as the inhabitants of our Municipality.

Thanks to the new job we have created, we will finally be able to launch an interactive website which will allow us to publish an e-bulletin that our users will be able to subscribe to and which will allow the publication of the minutes of the meetings of the Municipal Council in near real time. We examine the possibilities offered by the use of social networks for the dissemination of news about our municipality. Finally, we will continue to focus on citizen participation, through information meetings we will keep on having and through the involvement of Consultative Commissions. We will make sure that the positions in these Commissions will be filled by citizens chosen for their skills and motivation, and not based on their political orientations. This is how we work. This is the spirit of our list, the “DP Oppe Lëscht Betzder”.